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Machine Gun Kelly Vows To Support People Out Of Work Through Crisis

Rapper Machine Gun Kelly receives applause from fans as he pledges to help people who become jobless due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Machine Gun Kelly expressed genuine concern for the mass amount of people losing their jobs during the coronavirus lockdown. As a result of losing employment, many people will be left unable to feed their families.

The Cleveland emcee also urged political leaders to compose a plan to support vulnerable people throughout the world.

Machine Gun Kelly

Using Twitter to spread hope and advice during the lockdown, Machine Gun Kelly also warns people to question everything. In addition, he shared his lockdown morning routine; coffee, comics, music, and weed.

But, his thoughtful tweet reaching out sums up how Hip Hop is reacting to these uncertain times. Machine Gun Kelly posted, “I’m going to help as many of those around me as I can that will be jobless during these times. I hope our world leaders do the same by presenting a plan for the ordinary household that still needs to feed their families but don’t have a place of work anymore.”

Upon announcing this, the ‘Rap Devil’ gained support from ordinary people who are now affected by the crisis. One Twitter user noted, “We need more people like you in this world.” While another wrote, “You’re such an inspiration and being a part of empathy shows there are also beautiful things in the world.”

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Elsewhere, 50 Cent issued a warning to many New Yorkers to stay at home and heed warnings. He suggested instead of coming out, stay inside and workout, exercising both body and mind. “These people will not stop. When they said the city doesn’t sleep, it doesn’t sleep, really, they’re not going to stop. They’re going to be outside. Go in the house and chill out, man!”


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