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Loyalty For Tupac Stopped Richie Rich’s Feature On Biggie’s Album

Richie Rich appeared on VLAD TV where he explained how Tupac factored into his decision as to why he turned down a feature on a Biggie Smalls album.

“Puff got at me about doing a song on Biggie’s album after BIG had passed,” Richie Rich reveals on VLAD TV. “I got a called to do a collab on a BIG record.”

Richie Rich had always been a fan of Biggie Smalls music, but could not see himself being involved in a B.I.G. record. His loyalty to Tupac Shakur did not end even with Pac’s passing.


“I declined the record. Lyor was so f—ing hot with me. They was mad with me about that, because they was like that would have been a good move. And, a lot of people said that it probably would’ve been a good career move,” Richie Rich told DJ Vlad.

Although Puff Daddy aka Diddy approached Rich about the feature in 1997, the actual song wouldn’t have been released till eight years later. In 2005, Bad Boy Records released Biggie Smalls second posthumous release with “Duets: The Final Chapter“. An album which featured many top artists from both coasts.

At the time the West Coast rapper Rich Rich was signed to Def Jam which was led by music executive Lyor Cohen. As the very first artist from the Bay Area to sign with Def Jam, appearing on a song with Biggie Smalls indeed could have risen his stock. But, Rich’s loyalty to Tupac came in to play.

The West Coast East Coast beef was over, and both Tupac and Biggie had lost their lives. But, according to Richie Rich he just couldn’t do it. “I just know Pac, that ni–a would have rolled over in his f—ing grave. He wouldn’t have liked that. So, I had to respectful pass on it,” Richie Rich explained.

Rich also recalls the times he sold weed to Biggie Smalls when the Brooklyn rapper would visit the Bay Area early on in his career.


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