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Lowkey Releases ‘Soundtrack To The Struggle 2’ Documentary

British-Iraqi Hip Hop artist Lowkey has released a short film, titled Soundtrack To The Struggle 2, which shows exclusive footage of him recording his latest album.

Lowkey, regarded as one of the UK’s most talented emcees, certainly doesn’t shy away from voicing his views. Maybe taking inspiration from Hip-Hop legends such as Tupac and KRS-One, he has used conscious lyrics to speak out about racism, police brutality, global poverty and terrorism.

His latest album, Soundtrack To The Struggle 2, released in April 2019, came after a five-year hiatus from music. Within them years, Lowkey traveled and concentrated on studies, arming himself with more knowledge. As a result of his extensive research, Lowkey’s music embodies the true revolutionary nature of Hip Hop.


Included on ‘Soundtrack To The Struggle 2’, is the emotional and touching song ‘Ghosts of Grenfell’. Having witnessed the horrific Grenfell fire disaster in 2017, Lowkey pays tribute to the victims.

The newly released documentary bears the same name as his latest album and gives fans an exclusive behind-the-scenes view. Directed by Saoud Khalaf, the twenty-five-minute film includes unseen footage taken while on tour, hearing from fans who attended. Most noteworthy, everybody had very positive things to say about Lowkey, saying he’s down to earth and for the people.

Lowkey Answers Critics Over “Controversial” Claims

Furthermore, just like the revolutionary Hip Hop artists that came before him, Lowkey was labelled controversial. A clip of Lowkey appearing on news channel CNN shows the reporter labeling the rapper “Extremely controversial” when talking about the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people.

In an April 2019 interview with VICE, the activist set the record straight, silencing his critics. He said; “Now if over and above this endless cycle of consumption we live in, where companies are constantly competing for our attention, you can actually hear from people who pay the biggest price of the economic status quo, then why not amplify them? Right now, the world’s richest eight men are worth the same as half of humanity. That’s not an economic system that works. And if you connect with people on the losing side of that equation, and you consider yourself part of that disenfranchisement, then collectivizing is the best way to further your interests.”

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Watch Lowkey in full flow below as he takes you behind-the-scenes to the making of Soundtrack To The Struggle 2.


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