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Lowkey – Islamophobic Lullabies (Official Music Video)

British rapper Lowkey has released the video for ‘Islamophobic lullabies’ which mentions the War on Terror and calls out the UK Government.

The song Islamophobic Lullabies is taken from the rappers new album ‘Soundtrack to the Struggle 2’ released 7th April. In the video, the rapper and activist is holding a baby whilst sitting in front of a screen with political images playing. Above all, the listener should take away the powerful messages in his lyrics. Many people comparing the lyrics to KRS-One’s ‘Power to the People’ attitude.

Lowkey – GOAT Flow (Official Music Video)

Lowkey packs a punch with lyrics filled with knowledge and empowerment. Furthermore alongside his uplifting style, He doesn’t shy away from speaking on the harsh realities of political decisions. Because that reason Lowkey has almost certainly cemented himself as legendary in the UK hip-hop scene.

As a result, Lowkey’s message is hard-hitting but certainly needs to be told. He has talked about his music raising issues that are at the forefront of many citizens minds.

“My music can’t be separated from the war on terror, the social forces that have shaped Muslims lives. In areas like Birmingham and Manchester, there will be higher receptivity to the topics I discuss.”


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