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Lotto, Joyner Lucas Drops New Music Video

Boston native and one of Hip Hop‘s top lyricists, Joyner Lucas dropped his latest music video for the single “Lotto” off his album ADHD.

Lucas is set to drop his anticipated debut album on March 27 through his label, Twenty Nine Music Group.

On his resume, Joyner Lucas has released four mixtapes including his last one which dropped in 2017 titled “508-507-2209”. Lucas was also nominated for two Grammy’s in 2019 for “I’m Not A Racist” – Best Music Video, and “Lucky You” – Best Rap Song.

Lucky You which was featured on Eminem‘s album “Kamikaze”, Lucas was honored to rap along who he calls his biggest musical influence.

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Lotto off Joyner Lucas album ADHD

“It’s my birthday, I’m ’bout to get lit-lit (Lit-lit)
Might blow a bag on the drip-drip (Drip)
Make it all back on a quick flip, ayy (Ayy)
I just need cake and a thick bitch, ayy (Ayy)
I ain’t have much, just a wishlist (A wishlist)
Now the broke n**** doin’ big shit (Big shit)
I got the gun lock, loaded, I’m ignite
So keep one eye open like Slick Rick (Brra, brra-brra)
I got the drip game, n****, I’m the big mane (Big mane)
Switch lanes on ’em, hit the mid range (Mid range)
Keep the big strap on me like a hitman (Brra)
It go “click-clack, willow-wallow, bing bang” (Brr-brra)
I ain’t never been shit, ain’t shit changed (Shit changed)
But n****s get lame when you get fame (Brra)
Can’t sleep at night ’til I get brains
Got a mean ass pipe and a dick game,” Joyner Lucas kicks off the song Lotto.

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