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Liverpool Rapper Releases Anthem Inspired By The Cities History

Liverpool rapper MC Nelson wants to spread his new Scouse Hip Hop anthem after becoming inspired by the City.

Nelson Idama, from Aigburth, Merseyside, wrote The People’s Republic of Liverpool after a staying outside of the city for a while. He reflected on his roots and importance of Liverpool to the wider community, creating The People’s Republic of Liverpool.

The term scouse describes people native to Liverpool and MC Nelson wants this to become the Scouse anthem. Recently performing in France and Finland, Nelson has supported the likes of Ghostface Killah, The Pharcyde and Loyle Carner. He began rapping aged nine and soon found out that Hip Hop was a way to explore identity. Following his , he wrote about the struggles and challenges that life brings.

Releasing his album, Anglosfear, in 2019, some of the songs included were politically charged and about the sociopolitical climate. Talking with the Liverpool Echo, MC Nelson said; “Politically it’s a tumultuous period and it was about reflecting that. Looking at themes of English identity, immigration, things of that nature which are prevalent in the country. I look at what it’s like to be Black and English, and Scouse and English, and although it’s a heavy subject, I like it to be fun.”

Hip Hop in Liverpool may not be as big in contrast to other parts of the Country. Despite this, artists come together to help each other and as a result, make the scene thrive. Furthermore, MC Nelson insists that Liverpool is certainly the best place to perform, saying its where, above all, his dreams came true. Expanding on this, Nelson says; “I’ve done a lot of gigs, mostly at 24 Kitchen Street, which is my home turf, and they gave me space to practice and improve. As we do have a small Scouse Hip Hop scene we all help each other.”

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