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Listen Here: Snippet Of Four New Unreleased Verses By Tupac

A new unreleased Tupac snippet has leaked revealing never before heard verses including the popular ‘Death Around The Corner’.

The 53 second snippet previews four unreleased Tupac verses. The audio clip starts off with an unheard Tupac verse from ‘It Ain’t Easy’.

Orginally released on Tupac’s third studio album ‘Me Against The World’, this unreleased clip has Tupac rapping, “I be the first to hit the block if its poppin’ / I’m up all night getting my hustle, non stopping / Got a baby on the way, I ain’t saved a penny.”

Next clip features an unreleased verse on a song titled ‘Don’t Leave’ which also features YNV, followed by a solo version of ‘Shit Don’t Stop’. “I hope you’re ready for the concert, get your ticket / Watch a n***g from the gutter get wicked / I hit the stage with a blunt in my mouth, drinking liquor / I’m flipping scripts, Mr. Shit kicker.”

Finishing off the snippet is the popular ‘Death Around The Corner’, which is the unreleased version with different lyrics. “For my n***as get tired from the constant harassing, stay strap / Give a f*** from a corner / Living life like I wanna / I’m seeing death around these corners.”

All unreleased verses are labeled from the Thug Life era, referring to Tupac recording these verses in 1994.

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