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Listen To New Snippet Of Tupac, Angie Martinez Unreleased Interview

A new snippet from the unreleased interview Angie Martinez conducted with Tupac Shakur back in 1996 has leaked.

Till this day only 12 minutes of that interview has been heard. Speaking with Page Six fall of 2019, Angie ensured everyone that the Tupac interview was in a safe location.

Many had wonder that perhaps the reason Angie had not released the interview was because it no longer existed. “They are in a safe in an actual vault where you would need specific access to get to them,” Angie confirmed to Page Six.

Listen To New Snippet Of Tupac, Angie Martinez Unreleased Interview

A newly leaked snippet has an irate Tupac Shakur speaking about New York and Biggie Smalls.

“The east coast west coast thing is a musical thing, that’s separate. That’s a whole thing separate to itself. That’s a musical thing,” says Tupac. “I’m like a lighting rod because I’m attacking New York’s finest. They’re self proclaimed king of New York.”

Tupac also explains why he can’t understand how New York is so offensive when someone from the west coast is proud of their city or coast and says they are the best, but, a New York artist on the other hand can shout where they are from and it is ok.

“When Biggie came out here, he screamed out Brooklyn in the house,” explains Tupac. “Why is it when I say west side it hurts people’s feelings.”

“I never said New York ain’t s***. I never said New York is the worst coast. I just said where I’m at, where I’m from is the best coast. Why is that offending people,” said Tupac.

Back in 2019 Angie has publicly stated she will soon release the interview understanding she holds a very important part of history.

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“I do understand it is part of history. It’s going to be uncomfortable for me, because there are things in those tapes that are very uncomfortable to listen to. But I am aware that it is apart of history, so at some point I will,” said Angie.


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