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LisaRaye Used Cameo In Tupac’s Music Video To Launch Her Career

LisaRaye, model and actress, recently appeared on ‘The Danielle Young‘ show via YouTube where she spoke about her cameo in Tupac’s ‘Toss It Up’ music video.

The Chicago native made her acting debut in the 1998 film ‘The Players Club’. The movie, written and directed by Ice Cube on his directorial debut, also stars Jamie Foxx and Bernie Mac. In the movie, LisaRaye plays the part of Diana ‘Diamond’ Armstrong, a student working at the players club.

It was all part of LisaRaye’s master plan. Initially LisaRaye was hoping to land a role in the 1997 film ‘How To Be A Player‘. “I knew the people that were directing videos were inspiring to be directors of movies,” LisaRaye explained during the interview.

“So, for me I’m thinking of a master plan. How do I get from here to here, cause this is where I wanna be over there. How do I get there?,” LisaRaye recalls. “I just wanted the money. I wanted to pay my bills and take care of my kids. Didn’t really care about being seen in all the videos. Just the ones where I was the only girl being seen.”

One particular video would give the model an opportunity enabling her to kick start a Hollywood career. “I took Tupac’s last video, A – because it was Tupac and B – I was friends with Suge. And, C – Lionel Martin which was the director of the Tupac video ‘Toss It Up’, was directing ‘How To Be A Playa’. I wanted an audition.”

It was another popular Hip Hop artist who was also getting his feet wet in Hollywood that gave LisaRaye her first shot. “And that’s when Ice Cube saw me in the video and called me in,” LisaRaye referring to her cameo in Tupac’s music video.


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