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Lil' Zane Recalls Meeting Tupac, Why He Started Acting

Atlanta native and Hip Hop artist Lil’ Zane was recently featured on a BET special titled “Finding Lil’ Zane’ where he spoke about meeting Tupac Shakur.


Signed at the early age of 10 years old to RCA Records, Lil’ Zane career was on hold by the label for about three years. “We were on the label just sitting ducks for about three years,” recalls Lil’ Zane. “I don’t think they actually planned on doing nothing.”

This wouldn’t stop the young artist, as Zane started to position himself at places where he could connect with those within the industry. This is where he would find his way into meeting Hip Hop icon, Tupac Shakur.

“At twelve, thirteen, I had a record deal. I was young, so I was moving around in spots that I wa actually able to meet Pac. And he walked up, and he was like ‘Ok let me hear ya rap’. So I kicked my verse for him. My brother was scared to rap, but I wasn’t scared,” says Lil’ Zane.

Tupac in his Atlanta home, Photo by Chi Modu

According to Zane, Tupac was impressed at the young twelve year old. “He’s like, ‘Yo, he remind me of me. Give my number. Whatever they need I got them’. And, if you knew Pac, you knew that’s how he was. Even if he was joking, you remind me of me, It made me feel like I got the stamp. Like, I got a stamp from Pac. The greatest rapper in the world.”

The meeting with Tupac and his words stayed and inspired Zane. “I think for a kid that would inspire any kid.”

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Just as Tupac, Lil’ Zane took on acting. For Zane it all came for a different reason unfortunately. “I started really pursing my acting career when the label started bullsh***ing. They started making me feel like they were just sitting on my project,” explains Lil’ Zane. “I needed another way to get some money.”

Lil’ Zane would go on to appear in movies such as Foolish Love, Love By Chance, Motives, and Dr. Dolittle 2.


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