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Lil Xan’s Tupac “Boring” Comment Led To His Lawsuit In 2020

Comments made by Lil Xan in a 2019 interview regarding Tupac Shakur’s music has now led the 24-year-old to a lawsuit in 2020.

According to reports, Anthony Sanchez a fan of Tupac Shakur approached Lil Xan back on June 7, 2019. Sanchez who ran into Xan at a 7-Eleven parking lot in Los Angeles, asked the rapper why he called Shakur’s music boring.

Lil Xan's Tupac "Boring" Comment Led To His Lawsuit In 2020
Tupac Shakur (Chi Modu)

As seen in the video shared by TMZ, Sanchez was able to record the end of his disagreement with Lil Xan. In the video Sanchez is heard calling Xan the B word. Xan who walked into his vehicle, is seen flashing a gun at Sanchez and shouted, “What the (hell) you want, bruh?”


Riding in his SUV with girlfriend Annie Smith, she would come to the defensive her man Xan. Annie yelled back at Sanchez, “You started it, you dumb f—.” Now Sanchez is suing for assault and battery, while claiming he suffered severe emotional distress.

This all started when Revolt TV conducted an interview with Xan who was asked to rate Tupac’s music. Xan entitled to his own opinion, gave Shakur a 2 rating and called his music “boring”, which many within the Hip Hop community felt was absurd.

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Interesting fact: Lil Xan was born one day before Tupac was shot in 1996 in Las Vegas.

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