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Lil Durk Music Video Week, Featured On 3 Visuals

In what has been a busy week for Lil Durk continues with yet another music video. This time the Chicago native teams up with Brooklyn’s 18-year old artist J.I.

Lil Durk kicked off the week with his own solo release. Featured on his Just Cause Ya’ll Waited 2 project, Watch Yo Homie has Lil Durk reminding listeners to be mindful of who they let in their inner circle.

“Watch out for leeches, shootout, screechin’ / Ducking polices, moving strategic / Voices, the voices, they say that I’m preaching / Went through them courses, they really ain’t believe me,” raps Durk on the John Lam and Tre Gilliam produced beat.

Next up for the Chicago native is All These N–gas, as he is featured on King Von’s single. Lil Durk does not appear in the music video possibly due to the COVID-19. But, what you do see is King Von spitting in front of a white Rolls Royce, as the video is shot by JV Visuals 312.

“All these ni–as actin’ like they with that shit, I ain’t stuntin’ these ni–as / Lamb’ truck sittin’ so low had to crouch my back, fuck around, had to sit on my pimp / How you gon’ back door ni–a you love for a little bit of clout?,” raps Lil Durk opening up the track.

Finally finishing off the week, Lil Durk makes an appearance for Painless 2. Featured along side NAV on the J.I. track, Durk once again echos not trusting many as he did on his solo song Watch Yo Homies.

“I grip my iron when I’m in my sleep I don’t trust these ni–as / I don’t care about nothin’ I don’t even trust ni–as with the Uber Eats / I’m tired of these funerals, all of these pills, they got me delusional / I know you be hearin’ ’bout all of these crimes, but my city beautiful,” raps Lil Durk.


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