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Lil Baby Street Gossip, Features On The Album, Hip Hop Industry

“This album I’m on more street stuff” – Lil Baby Talks Street Gossip

Lil baby interview with The Breakfast Club where he explains why he is dropping another album so soon. “I already been scheduled to drop an album on Novemebr 30th for the longest. Me and Gunner project was something that came out the blue. Like they approved that we can drop it. So we went on and dropped it. But I had already been on the calendar for November 30th for a long time.”

Street Gossip features was also talked about by Lil Baby, “I actually got Meek Mill on that, he dropped the day I dropped. I got Gunner of course. I got Thug on that. Then I got two artists that I signed, two of my artists.”

Lil Baby also talks leaving the streets, touring understanding what comes with being a top artist, not being single and how he handles it being in the hip hop industry.

Watch the full interview below which aired on December 3, 2018.


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