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Lil Baby Is All About ‘The Bigger Picture’ With New Video

An already successful 2020, with possibly the Hip Hop album of the year, Lil Baby talks ‘The Bigger Picture’ in his latest single inspired by racism and police brutality.

During difficult times, Hip Hop unlike other genres has always had the responsibility to create the soundtrack to channel our emotions. Whether an artist likes it or not, this is what comes with the art form.

Lil Baby clearly understands the importance of his voice, as it is felt with every word on his latest single ‘The Bigger Picture’. “Every colored person ain’t dumb / And all Whites not racist / I be judging by the mind and heart
I ain’t really into faces,” Lil Baby raps.

Proceeds from ‘The Bigger Picture’ will be distributed to various places. National Association of Black Journalists, Breonna Taylor attorney, The Bail Project, and Black Lives Matter will all benefit from the proceeds.

“I Want 2 Spread The Proceeds To Different Places … So Much Goin on In The World Who’s To Say Whats What !!,” Lil Baby explained via his Instagram account.

Quote That!
F— it I’m goin on the front line
He goin bust yo’ ass if you come pass that gun line
You know when the storm go away
Then the sunshine
U gotta put your head in the game
When it’s crunch time
I want all my sons to grow up to be monsters
I want all my daughters to show out in public
Seems like we losing our country
But we gotta stand up for something


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