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Lil Baby Interview Talks Street Gossip Album, Tekashi 6ix9ine, Drake

“Andre3000, thats my favorite. That’s my idol”

Lil Baby talks his new album Street Gossip coming out Friday November 30th with Nessa of Hot 97. Lil Baby also touches on fatherhood, the struggles of life, not being able to please everyone with his music and his top 5 artists he listens to today and also talks Tekashi 6ix9ine.

When asked about his childhood and looking back on it, Nessa asked, “do you think that’s when all that developed where you know you gotta have thick skin? Because you know someone hearing this now might not fully understand, they see you here shinning, they don’t understand the rejections, the hard life you really went through it.” Lil Baby still feels as he still goes through it everyday as he tells Nessa, “I still go though everything everybody goes through on a regular. That’s why i kinda put it in my music, not just the flashing, the limelight. The struggle is real.”

His recent song with 6ix9ine, Tick Tock, leaked but Lil Baby has surprisingly yet to hear it. Nessa asked about his relationship with 6ix9ine. Lil Baby explained how him and 6ix9ine been cool for a minute, “When I first first started rapping he was already popping, but he was already on my music.”


Lil Baby stays humble and feels like he hasn’t reached the point where he can look back and say he made it. Watch the full Lil baby interview below which aired on November 26,2018.


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