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Lil AK A.K.A. DJ Akademiks Drops ‘Uber Eats Freestyle’

Hip Hop personality DJ Akademiks a.k.a. Lil AK, is looking to resurrect his rap career with new music titled ‘Uber Eats Freestyle’.

Always know for his trolling, Akademiks has been on a roll ever since his good friend Tekashi 69 is back home. Not always a popular figure in the Hip Hop community, his alliance with 6ix9ine sure doesn’t help.

His most notable beef with Meek Mill, who tried to ‘cancel’ Akademiks to his beef with Freddie Gibbs which promoted the release of ‘F Akademiks’ merch.

Lil AK and Tekashi 69

Now, Lil AK is claiming Mill helped to get him fired from Complex and banned for life from Twitch. Although he will continue on his popular Instagram account and YouTube channel, AK is not taking things for granted, as he dropped a snippet of new music to come.

Captioning the freestyle explaining his current situation, “Since Meek Mill cancelled me and got me fired from Complex and banned for life from Twitch… I gotta resurrect my rap career… LIL AK is back reporting live from the otherside of the TRENCHES!!!!!!! UBER EATS FREESTYLE OTW.”


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