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Lemika Early Says Tupac Was Talking In Vegas Hospital, Slams Her Uncle!

Niece of Tupac’s 1996 body guard Frank Alexander, Lemika Early, claims her uncle profited off her personal photos and videos from the time she met and spent time with Shakur. Lemika also states she can’t understand how Tupac passed away when he was talking in the hospital after being shot on the Vegas strip.

In a exclusive interview with YouTube channel The Art of Dialogue Lemika couldn’t understand why Tupac passed away. “When he was in the hospital and my knowledge he was gonna…. he was talking, so I don’t understand how that turned into a death,” Lemika said.

Tupac Shakur (Photo by Chi Modu)

“I didn’t think that Tupac was actually gonna die,” Lemika Early explains. “This is Pac. You know he already got shot before, he’s gonna be aight. He’s talking and sh-t, like he good, you know what I’m saying.”

Lemika was under the impression she was going to be apart of something that was going to showcase Shakur’s generosity towards her. Thinking her and her uncle Frank Alexander were on the same page, but instead Lemika was not included in future books or documentaries that were put out by uncle Frank.

One year before becoming Tupac’s bodyguard, Frank’s niece, Lemika Early, was left paralyzed from the waist down. She would be confined to a wheelchair after being involved in a terrible car accident with two of her friends.

Tupac Grants Wish For Lemika Early
Lemika Early and Tupac Shakur

After her idol Janet Jackson rescheduled her time with Lemika as part of the Make-A-Wish-Foundation, Shakur invited Lemika and her family to the studio, barbecue at his home, and bought Lemika clothes. (View: Lemika Early Has Wish Granted By Tupac After Janet Jackson Rescheduled.)

According to Lemika, Frank took her photos and videos of Shakur and didn’t give her not even a dime in return. Even after the books and documentaries were made. “I could have done this myself,” Lemika said. “I didn’t know the value of what I had and at the time when I did give it to him.”

Lemika claims that Shakur and Frank’s relationship was not as her uncle painted in his book. Nor was the relationship between herself and Frank. According to Lemika Frank Alexander never reached out to her after Shakur passed away on September 13, 1996. “You was quick to be all in my face and stuff until you got it and after you get the stuff that you needed nobody really heard from you anymore,” Lemika said during her interview with The Art of Dialogue.


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