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Legends Of Chamberlain Heights Creator King Josiah, Model.Kai, Desaree Rutledge

Special guest and creater of Comedy Central’s ‘Legends Of Chamberlain Heights’ (Official Web Page), King Josiah joins The Dinner Club. We welcome back EDI DON and Deva Pink makes a special appearance as we kick off this post 4th of July episode of The Dinner Club.

Legends Of Chamberlain Heights have completed two seasons with season 3 hoping to air in the near future. Until then episodes are being played via Comedy Central, BET and MTV 2.

“The show is about three freshmen high school basketball players that sit at the end of the bench but dream about becoming legends at their high school. Loosely based on my experience playing in UCLA. I was on the squad but didn’t play much.”


King Josiah and The Dinner Club panel talks the current state of the NBA, are players running the league and basketball in L.A.


First up is one of our Model’s Of The Week, Model.Kai. Kai started modeling at the age of fifteen as a runway model. “My first fashion show was a like a small little expo show, venue type of thing. Then from there it kinda like took off. I have all these photographers reaching out to me for shoots. More designers reaching out like hey come out to my show, I want you to be at my show,” explains Kai.

Although she utilize Instagram to brand herself, Kai wouldn’t call herself an Instagram model. The 5’9 model is more of a print and runway model. When explaining the difference between an Instagram model and print model, Kai says, “the content is different.”

Model.Kai also talks about her biggest highlight so far in her career, talks about natural hair look during her runways and perfecting her walk.

Desaree Rutledge

Next up is Model Of The Week Desaree Rutledge. The 10 year veteran has been grinding and has definitely seen the payoff for her hard work. Desaree focuses on print, swimwear and lingerie to top off her portfolio.

With that being said, runway is by far her favorite part of modeling. Desaree speaks on the differences between a “white” and “black” operated runway.

Desaree also touches on her future aspirations, her current acting goals and much more!


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