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Leddie MC Feat. Alex Bailey – Hunting The Hunter (Official Music Video)

Middlesbrough rapper Leddie MC is back on the UK scene with a banger from her new album Raise a Glass.

The North East rapper, real name Lindsay Dixon, teams up with Alex Bailey on the track ‘Hunting the Hunter’. Her conscious lyrics on this first single off Raise a Glass, delivered with a fierce attitude, hasn’t gone unnoticed.

She supported a rap juggernaut in 2018 when Compton rapper The Game toured the UK. Her first album, A Piece of Cake, released in 2017, put Leddie’s name on the map.

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The music video for ‘Hunting the Hunter’ is courtesy of Escape Route Media. It shows Leddie MC and Alex Bailey walking through deprived areas with flares, giving a feeling of an uprising.


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