Leaked Video Of Tupac, Ice Cube And Ice-T In Studio [Full & Edited Version]

Three of the most influential West Coast icons can now be seen all in one video. In this new leaked video of Tupac, Ice Cube and Ice-T can all be seen in studio as they share stories and record music.

Earlier this month, MTV News, released more never before seen footage from an interview conducted by Tabitha Soren. The interview took place at Venice Beach, where Tupac spoke about growing up poor, college and his real father. Watch the interview here.

The studio session which was recorded in 1993, shows Tupac talking about the movie Poetic Justice, describing the movie experience as “cool”. Towards the end of the video Tupac is interviewed where he speaks about being a solo artist. When asked about his debut solo album ‘2Pacalypse Now‘, Tupac says its “the bomb, “the chronic”.

Ice Cube and Ice-T was featured on Tupac’s second studio album ‘Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z.‘ on the song ‘Last Wordz‘.

Now they’re after me, why?, cause a ni**a’s Black
Spittin’ facts and ain’t afraid to pull a trigger back
Let em come step to a real muthaf***er
(Boom Boom) Mama ain’t raised no suckers

-Tupac, Last Wordz

Full Video Time Stamp

  • 7:46 Tupac enters the studio talks about poetic justice and records ‘Last Words’
  • 10:29 Ice Cube and Ice-T record song ‘The Looters’ aka ‘Trespass’
  • 11:56 Tupac interview
  • 13:23 Tupac clowning around

New Leaked Video Of Tupac (Edited Version)

YouTube channel Heroveli TV, released an edited version of the original video leak. In this version, the video is cropped to widescreen and the background music edited in to diffuse some of the silence when the video is pausing. Update November 11, 2019: The video has been removed by YouTube.


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