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Leaked Jay-Z And Nas Song "The Scientist" Produced By Just Blaze

Two of Hip Hop‘s most iconic figures Jay-Z and Nas have a song titled “The Scientist” that has yet to be released in its entirely.

Over ten years ago, a Nas song titled “The Scientist” was previewed by record producer Just Blaze. Since it’s unofficial release in 2009, fans were under the impression that “The Scientist” was a Nas solo track.

“Lame foot soldiers get croaked in my vicinity / The ode for old murder, criminal activity / Diamond encrusted bracelets, escape death
Cars and yachts, I flaunt things that say success / Flow to the water turns my electric chair on / Inside the LeBaron trunk, got Pakistan her-on / Nasir Jones, not a Capo, the Picasso, word painter / Black Sinatra, rap King Cole, gangsta / Point blank body armor / I’m violence, you’re the Dalai Lama
You just holla drama,” Nas verse on “The Scientist”.


Well it appears we were all wrong. Jay-Z is apparently also on the song, and a snippet leaked in January of 2020.

“Hovito Brigante, my own people that got me, that’s what I get for snoozin’, moving too sloppy,” he spits. “I’m back brilliant, my brains is back in the building, the lights back on the fridge you dig?”, Jay-Z on the unreleased song “The Scientist”.

Leaked Jay-Z And Nas Song "The Scientist" Produced By Just Blaze

The snippet can be heard below from YouTube user The Hip Hop Junkie. No word yet as to when the full song will be released, and if it ever does, will the beat remain the same.

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