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LA Leakers B-Eazy, Lexi Layne, Chef Comanche & Tyeler Reign

Up first on this episode of The Dinner Club, B-Eazy of LA Leakers. LA Leakers are one of the top DJ crews in Los Angeles. Started by Justin Credible and DJ Sourmilk, La Leakers have their ear to the streets.

Coming from Compton California, B-Eazy started DJing at a young age of fourteen. Although his uncle Mixmaster Spade kept pushing him to pursue a rapping career, B-Eazy thought otherwise. “He always wanted me to rap. Maybe one day I will, but I never like, you know. I always wanted to just play music. Cause I felt like that’s what made people happy. Reached people the most,” explains B-Eazy.

B-Eazy also tells us how he is able to grow through so much music. “If I genuinely f*** with it. Then I feel like that’s what I go with you know. My instinct. My judgement,” says B-Eazy.

In a game where authenticity and keeping it “real” has become a rarity, B-Eazy sticks to the quality of the music. “A lot of artist think that its about money. Uh man how much can I pay. It’s not even about that, because if the music is wack its a reflection on me.”

The importance of building relationships as you enter the game and sustaining those connections is vital. B-Eazy explains how many times up and coming artist skip those steps. Steps needed to achieve success in the industry. “Its not just about rapping and going into the studio,” says B-Eazy.

B-Eazy also talks his relationship with Nipsey Hussle and impact of his lost. Reflecting on the time Nipsey thanked him and his team for the support over the years.

Our Model Of The Week presented by DJ Don Juan is Lexi Layne. Lexi isn’t just a model as she is also a singer. Lexi Lane is currently working on her EP while also working as a Burlesque Dancer. She also explains the difference between a stripper and a Burlesque Dancer.


Also joining us is a real live Chef is in the building, Chef Comanche and Hip Hop artist Tyeler Reign. Tyeler the winner of The Rap Game Season 5 talks signing with So So Def.


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