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L.T. Hutton On What Happened Between Tupac, Snoop, And Biggie

Hit music producer and the man behind the Tupac biopic ‘All Eyez On Me’ was recently interviewed by Hip Hop journalist The Art of Dialogue.

LT Hutton who was around during the infamous Death Row record days, primarily as a Dogg Pound producer, sheds light on why Snoop Dogg dissed Biggie, and the reason for the Tupac fallout.

The Art of Dialogue who was has been critical of Snoop Dogg’s recent interviews where the journalist states Snopp has not taken full responsibility for his fallout with Tupac Shakur.

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Making his case, The Art of Dialogue posted a song on Instagram that was recorded during the height of the East-West Coast war, in which Snoop dissed the Notorious B.I.G.

Snoop is back, back like Return of The Jedi / N***a don’t say shit, cause I Already said I, be on the red-eye / Ya fat, ya black, ya wack, yo’ style is tore up / Plus he got one dead eye,” Snoop dissing Biggie Smalls.

L.T. Hutton who produced the beat for the Biggie diss song “Keep It Real Dogg”, shared his thoughts on what happened between Snoop, Tupac, and Biggie Smalls.

“That’s me. I did the beat. So, I’m in there. I know the energy, I know the reason, and the temperature,” Hutton said during his interview with The Art of Dialogue.

“Yes, we got mad at them when they shot at the trailer in New York,” L.T. Hutton explains. “You could have killed motherf***as. So, at that particular point, all bets is off, let’s get down.”

Hutton is referring to the shooting incident that took place in December of 1995. On this particular day, Snoop Dogg and the Tha Dogg Pound were in Red Hook Brooklyn shooting a music video for their upcoming debut album “Dogg Food”.

Biggie Smalls became aware of the video shooting, but was misinformed, as he believed it was Tupac that was shooting a music video in Brooklyn. But, instead it was Snoop and Tha Dogg Pound shooting a video for “New York, New York”.

Former head of security Reggie Wright Jr. believes Biggie Smalls was the reason why the trailer was shot up. “It wasn’t a bunch of shots, but a pop shot went in their trailer. It could’ve hit anybody. We really do feel that Biggie incited that. Said, ‘Hey, how are you allowing them to film? They at such and such location filming this in New York,” Reggie said during an interview with VLAD TV.

L.T.. Hutton went on to explain why Snoop during the 1996 Hot 97 interview with Angie Martinez, stated he was “cool” with Biggie and Puffy. A statement that angered Tupac Shakur.

According to Hutton, Snoop no longer wanted to continue beefing with Biggie Smalls and the Bad Boy camp. “Now, Pac felt alright n***** is starting to be disloyal. And, it wasn’t disloyal, its just how long do we continue, and how many times, how many records are gonna be done about this scenario.”

Mutah “Napoleon” Beale, former member of the Outlawz, felt Tupac at the time with good reason was angry at Snoop after the Hot 97 interview. According to Napoleon Snoop had dissed Biggie few weeks prior to the interview with Hot 97.

“Pac was angry not only just because of that interview, but a couple of weeks before that, people don’t know that Pac and Snoop did songs dissing Biggie. I remember hearing it,” explained Mutah Beale aka Napoleon.

Snoop Dogg has never shied away from telling the story of his fallout with Tupac Shakur. The fallout played out for all to see in the Tupac biopic, and Snoop himself told the story on Sway In The Morning back in 2013.

Hip Hop journalist The Art of Dialogue, Napoleon, and are asking for Snoop to not leave out the fact he was recording diss songs with Tupac at the time of the East-West Coast beef.

“I guess he wanna have his positive image. I was the good guy, Pac was the bad guy. No you was in the studio with Pac. You was dissing on him with Pac,” Napoleon explained in the interview with The Art of Dialogue.

“He [Snoop Dogg] is saying clearly at a point, giving you a full break down, at the point where he was tired of beefing,” said Hutton. “He is saying from that point. He’s not saying ever.”

When it comes to Snoop Dogg and what appears at the time of him being disloyal, Hutton explains it was Snoop at the time transitioning himself out of the beef.

“There are days where you can be one way on this day, and then have a epiphany, or change of heart the next day. Some people do it the same day. You are allowed to do that,” Hutton said.

According to Hutton, Snoop approached Tupac in studio about not dissing Biggie anymore. A conversation that did not sit well with Tupac, and led Pac to storm out the studio.

That particular piece of information has never been told before, not even by Snoop himself, and could possible bring some understanding as to why Snoop Dogg said what he said on Hot 97.

“See Dogg is on a level where if you feel like this and that about him he’s like whatever. He’s vibrating on a higher thing,” said Hutton.

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