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Kurupt: Tupac Was Offended By Death Row Artists Work Ethic

"Tupac felt we was wasting time"

Former Death Row Records artist, Kurupt, recently spoke about the motivation that Tupac gave him in the studio.

Appearing as the special guest on the D.L. Hughley Show, Kurupt praised Tupac for changing the work culture at Death Row records. Signing with Death Row in 1993, Ricardo Brown, stage name Kurupt, was part of the early roster of the notorious hip-hop record label. Alongside Daz Dillinger, Kurupt and Daz would form the Dogg Pound.


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Although their debut album, Dogg Food, peaked at Number One on the Billboard 200, Tupac gave them invaluable advice. When Tupac signed with Death Row in 1995, he was constantly working in the studio. It’s reported that ‘Pac would do two or three songs from start to finish in one day! His work ethic would rub off on all the artists who witnessed him in the studio.

Kurput noted that before ‘Pac signed with Death Row records, artists would take a full day to complete one song. Tupac witness this first hand and made it known to everybody that he thought they were wasting time.

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On the D.L. Hughley Show, when asked what work looked like to him, Kurupt references times when Tupac dropped in on their sessions. He said “He thought we were wasting studio time because we’d be in the studio smoking, chilling. Out of a day, we would do like one record and Tupac was offended. He was like ‘what y’all doing, what’s going on?’ He’d knocked out seven records, we over here with one record for an entire day.”

The experience of working in the same environment as Tupac meant that Kurupt’s recording process stepped up. He said that ‘Pac came into the studio and questioned the artists about how many songs they’d recorded. Kurupt credits Tupac for this lesson and believes he was enhancing them and that he changed their mindset.


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