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Kurupt On The Real Reason Why Tupac Shakur Went At Mobb Deep

Appearing on People’s Party hosted by Talib Kweli, Hip Hop legend Kurupt spoke about Tupac joining Death Row records and the reason why Pac went out Mobb Deep.

After serving months in prison from the alleged rape charge, Tupac was finally home out on bail with the help of Suge Knight. Coming out and joining Death Row records Tupac was angry and with good reason as stated by Kurupt.

Pac who was known to be extremely loyal to those loyal to him, exhibited those characteristic traits when it came to Kurput and Daz, his new label mates. According to Kurupt, Tupac went at Mobb Deep for Tha Dogg Pound. “Mobb Deep ain’t have no problem with him, but you know why he smashed on Mobb Deep? For me and Daz, because they made LA, LA,” Kurupt said. Tupac would diss Mobb Deep on the diss record Hit ‘Em Up.

Kurupt On The Real Reason Why Tupac Shakur Went At Mobb Deep
Tupac, Suge Knight, Snoop Dogg (Michael O’Neill)

Before joining the world’s most dangerous record label, Snoop Dogg and Daz had been wanting to bring over Shakur. Even dating back to the days of Poetic Justice in 1993 when Tha Dogg Pound appeared on the soundtrack.

“Dogg [Snoop Dogg] was the one who told Suge go get him and bring him home. Dogg and Daz always wanted Tupac to be at Death Row,” Kurupt explains. “They was always like, ‘Pac is gangsta, he needs to be over here with us, but he was with Interscope.”

One half of Tha Dogg Pound also spoke about what he missed most about Tupac and how Pac’s work ethic rubbed off on everyone on Death Row records. “His guidance,” Kurupt said. “It was Tupac who changed our studio habits, cause I’ll be honest we be in the studio for a whole day and lay one verse. Tupac came and was like, ‘Whatcha doing? Bs-ing?’

“Tupac was coming out with like 4 different records a day. We in here laying a verse in a day, cause Daz would be in there all day making a beat,” Kurupt explained. “Then I lay one verse and then Daz would tune it up and the next thing you know its 12 at night.”

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