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KRS-One Releases Revolutionary Video, Announces New Album Date

KRS-One is back with an explosive new music video that will have you putting your fist in the air in the name of revolution.

Always standing for the people, legendary Hip Hop pioneer KRS-One loves speaking up for the voiceless. On Tuesday, December, 8, KRS-One released the music video for the Sun-One produced song, “Don’t Fall For It”. Filmed by Ankh-Cestor Films, the music video shows KRS-One in “The Lab” at Bravo Ocean Studios laying the vocals. Song’s from the South Bronx emcee are powerful and the lyrics connect with people. It’s been KRS’s forte for over 30 years putting out revolutionary music.

KRS-One Releases Revolutionary Video, Announces New Album Date
Krs-One (Astrid Stawiarz, Getty Images)

Kicking off “Don’t Fall For It”, KRS-One firstly attacks the perceived oppressive government and calls for unity among people. “The whole system’s a setup, it’s time we really get up. We been about this revolution from the time we met up.” Later, he references Rodney King and George Floyd when speaking on the political system and injustice witnessed this year. The delivery of knowledge through fast-paced wordplay comes as second nature for the gifted veteran. Lastly, he finishes the song with a question that will resonate with people across the world. “There’s no justice in the courts, we are always taking shorts. They can shoot us like a sport. And it’s our trust that they want?”


Furthermore, on Monday, December, 7, KRS-One spoke via his website announcing plans to release his 23rd album, titled “Between Da Protests.” Within the statement, he talks about how he planned to release singles off the album starting next year. However, he feels the world needs them now with “Don’t Fall For It” starting them off. He said: “I was going to wait until sometime in 2021 to begin the releasing of singles, but I think we need this right now! As I see it, it is not just about protesting injustice; it is also about being just. It is also about staying motivated and focused upon what is real and what is right, and not getting distracted by the obvious hype.”

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KRS-One also describes “Between The Protests” as his artistic effort to inspire those that openly protest injustice. “Between The Protests” album will drop on December, 21, on his official website.

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