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Korean Singer Of KNK, Will Play Tupac In New All Eyez On Me Musical

A member of Korean band KNK will star as Tupac in a musical production of All Eyez on Me.

KNK’s lead vocalist, Jeong Inseong, will play Tupac Shakur in the biographical musical. Inseong is part of the successful South Korean boy group, KNK, who debuted in 2016 with the album Knock. Since then the group have released three further album’s and toured Europe and the United States.


Written by playwright Sung Jong Wan and composer Kim Min Soo, the All Eyez on Me musical looks at the life of the Hip Hop icon from a different perspective. According to the group’s agency, 220 Entertainment, Inseong will express the inner side of Tupac’s passive and introspective personality. This will be welcomed news and help to dispel the harsh image consequently created by the media.

The new All Eyez On Me production isn’t the first musical that features Tupac as the main focus point. In 2014, Holler If Ya Hear Me opened up on Broadway, showcasing some of Tupac’s most loved songs. It showed the world inside Tupac Shakur’s music and lyrics, blazes to life in a non-biographical story about friendship, family, revenge, change and hope.

Jeong Inseong of KNK
Jeong Inseong

Speaking on his casting of Tupac, Jeong Inseong reveals that he’s taking his preparation for the role seriously. “This is my first challenge as a musical actor. So I am nervous and excited. I’m learning a lot from the more experienced musical actors, and diligently preparing so that I can reveal a good performance,” says Jeong. “Please look forward to it a lot, and give me your support.”

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All Eyez On Me will run from April 10 until May 24 at the Uniplex in Seoul’s Daehak-ro district.

all eyez on me
Official All Eyez On Me musical promotional poster


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