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Kirk Crumpler Talks Visiting Tupac’s Apartment In The 90s

Speaking to SFGate, Kirk Crumpler retells the time he went into Tupac’s apartment, hoping he would sign his petition.

The Bay Area multi-instrumentalist produced music for many artists such as Bobby Brown, Mac Mall, Spice-1, C-Bo and N.W.A. Crumpler would also provide beats for his label at the time, TNT Records. The same label that helped introduce Digital Underground and Tupac.

TNT Records rented out a building near Lake Merritt in Oakland where Crumpler stayed. Crumpler’s next door neighbor would be none other than Tupac Shakur.

Kirk Crumpler Talks Visiting Tupac's Apartment In The 90s
Tupac & Members of Digital Underground

Crumpler recalls that time he went over to Tupac’s home to have a petition signed. “He opens up the door, there’s just a couch and books and a TV and a bag of weed. He’s just sitting there looking like Tupac, no shirt on, pants sagging, looking at the TV with a memo pad in his hand,” says Crumpler.

According to Crumper Tupac would go ahead and sign the petition without reading it. Tupac would then ask Crumpler for beats. “I knew that that guy was going to be the guy. When I went into his apartment and saw all the books, it was all black history and literature. He wasn’t a regular rapper; he was something else.”

Unfortunately, Kirk Crumpler never ended up working with Tupac.


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