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Kidada Told Afeni She’s Possibly Pregnant With 2Pac’s Child

Best Of 2019: The Art Of Dialogue

Much of 2019 saw former security of Death Row records, Reggie Wright Jr., take part in various interviews. Most notably his interview with The Art of Dialogue, revealed shocking details about Kidada Jones on Tupac’s final days.

Reggie was asked if he felt Tupac and Kidada were serious about their relationship. Reggie would go on to say, “They were beneficial towards each other”. Elaborating more on the Tupac and Kidada relationship, Reggie adds, “She help set him up with the fashion, the modeling career going. She was the one that kinda brokered the deal with Versace, for them to go out to Italy.”

In June of 1996, Tupac walked the runway with Kidada Jones at the Versace fashion show in Milan, Italy. Tupac referenced Versace on his ‘Hit Em Up‘ verse, “Now it’s all about Versace, you copied my style, Five shots couldn’t drop me, I took it and smiled.”

kidada and 2pac
2Pac, Versace fashion show in Milan, Italy

Many were always under the impression that Kidada was indeed engaged to Tupac. Reggie on the under hand does not think so. According to Reggie they was only together for about 3 months max. “I never heard that officially from him (Tupac) or anything like that. To my knowledge they were only around two or three months.”

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Was Kidada pregnant with Tupac’s child?

According to Reggie this is nothing new, as far as many “people always start saying a lot of stuff.” Reggie would also reveal that Kidada claimed she was possibly pregnant with Tupac’s child. “She even said she was pregnant by him, when he was in the hospital. And, we knew that wasn’t factual. But, she was claiming to be pregnant at the time,” says Reggie Wright Jr. “While we was in the visiting room at the hospital, she had made a statement to the auntie and the mother, that she thinks she is possibly pregnant.”

kidada jones covers up tupac tattoo
Kidada covers up her 2Pac tattoo

Reggie and Suge Knight wasn’t buying it at all. The two would have a conversation about what was said, and both agreed Kidada was lying. “I remember Suge and I later on having a conversation, man that chick was scandalous. She was up there giving people false hopes. Telling them she was holding child.”

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“It would be interesting to know if she was, wouldn’t it be? When asked by The Art of Dialogue, if perhaps she lost the baby or had an abortion, Reggie says, “I really hope, you know, it was a mistaken. Period was late, or something like that. I know she covered up her tattoo, so what would make her not get rid of the baby.”


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