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Khujo Goodie Talks Hearing Tupac's Hit 'Em Up In Studio

Khujo Goodie of hip hop group Goodie Mob spoke with Hot 107.9 Atlanta about the coastal rift between Tupac and Biggie.

Atlanta based group Goodie Mob were some of the first people to hear Hit Em Up. The scathing record by Tupac and the Outlawz aimed insults and threats at Biggie Smalls and his affiliates.

Although the beef was between a few rappers, it caused a divide. This eventually became referred to as the East Coast/West Coast war, with artists and fans alike taking sides.

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Originally airing in 2017, Hot 107.9 host B High interviewed Khujo Goodie where he explains what it was like hearing Hit Em Up for the first time. Hearing it in the studio, he thought that Tupac was going to get them on the record too.

Even though it wasn’t the first time that Khujo had seen ‘Pac, he felt a little intimidated. Amidst the hostile nature of the song and with a packed studio, Tupac still showed Goodie Mob love.

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When asked of what he thought about Hit Em Up, Khujo gave Tupac credit, from his knowledge to delivery. “I thought this boy got skills, you’ve gotta have skills to make a diss, a battle rap man. You’ve gotta research who this cat is, where he comes from, what was his real name, who’s his momma’s name. When your at war with somebody that’s what you do and that man was good at it man. I haven’t seen nobody get down like that since Kool Moe Dee.”

Khujo Goodie speaks of how battle rap evolved from the early days of no violence to people dying behind beef. Personally knowing both Tupac and Biggie, Khujo felt that Tupac didn’t want any part in the East/West war. Finally, B High asks about the plans that Tupac had for them to work on the One Nation project.

Imagining the impact of the finished product, Khujo put it on an Armageddon, revolutionary verbal assault-type scale. Khujo said, “When you get in the studio especially if you’ve gotta group of y’all in the studio and y’all vibing man, that make that thing even more better.” He added, “It would have been an awesome day for hip hop.”


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