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Keyshia Cole Does Not Agree With Fat Joe Comparing Drake To MJ

During an IG Live interview with Rick Ross, Fat Joe compared Drake to Michael Jackson and the internet lost it. Everyone has the right to their opinions. And, so does another recent guest on the Fat Joe Show, Keyshia Cole who doesn’t agree with Joe’s comparison.

“Drake is possibly the hardest person to get in touch with,” Joe said to Ross during the IG Live session. “And let’s be clear: Every song he does goes No. 1. He’s just like the Michael Jackson of this time.”

After receiving backlash for comparing Drake to MJ, Fat Joe explained himself as he interviewed Keyshia Cole. “Now they been killing me on Twitter. The Twitter world is like, ‘Yo Joe is on crack. He’s bugging out. Tell Joe to shut the F up’,” Joe explained to Keyshia Cole.

Keyshia Cole Does Not Agree With Fat Joe Comparing Drake To MJ (Getty Images)
Drake (Getty Images)

“I mean he has a lot of great records,” Keyshia said weighing in on the comparison. “I think he can switch up his style so much that I think, you know, I can understand. But, at the same time I think every artist is who they are in their own right. No I don’t agree with you.”

Even with Joe’s explanation of how Drake in this current era is racking up all the awards just as MJ did for his era, Keyshia Cole still wasn’t convinced. “I think Michael Jackson is so huge,” Keyshia said not believing Drake is on that level.


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