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Kevin Hart Halloween Costume Is The Rock (Rocky Maivia). . . Rock Isn’t Happy

Every Halloween we witness all the best costumes out there via social media. Joker will once again be a popular costume this year, especially with the new Joker movie out. The usually will grace our feed such as: Batman, Spider man, Minion, and Wonder Woman. All the regular costumes. Right? Maybe not. Kevin Hart perhaps changed this years popular costume. Taking throw back Thursday to another level with a tribute to The Rock costume. Well, a Rocky Maivia costume to be exact.

Kevin Hart took to his official Instagram account to reveal to the world his Halloween costume for 2019. As he dresses up as Rocky Maivia. Black turtle neck long sleeve shirt, blue jeans, fanny pack, and a Chia pet on his head?

The Rock and Kevin Hart have been feuding in just about every movie they appear on together. But, did Hart take it too far this time? As they get ready to release a new trailer today for Jumanji The Next Level, The Rock isn’t too pleased with Hart’s antics.

Rocky Maivia Debut

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, would make his WWE debut in 1996. Not only would he make his debut, but he would do it at the world’s most famous arena – Madison Square Garden. The 1995 WWE (WWF at the time) Survivor Series saw the debut of not only a star, but the only and only Rocky Maivia.

Kevin Hart Halloween Costume Is The Rock (Rocky Maivia)

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The Rock being a third generation wrestler, didn’t have it easy. He had to earn his way to the top, as his good guy character did not sit well with fans. The wrestling business at the time was transitioning from it’s normal good guy vs. bad guy formula, to what we know now as the “Attitude Era”. Where the bad guy, was the good guy.

Roasting his own self, The Rock released his reaction video to his debut match. “I’m so hyped up. I’m so excited, and I have a f***ing Chia Pet on my head as a hair cut.” The Rock’s nerves was extremely high as one can only imagine, to the point where the second he entered the ring, he already made his first mistake. “I think I’m pointing to what’s call the hard cam, and I’m literally pointing to nothing. That’s why my back was to you guys. Again I had this whole thing mapped out in my head that I was going to jump over the ropes. I was going to look at the hard cam, because we’re always told look at the hard camera, the main camera and you’re speaking to the world. Jump over the top rope, I’m like yeah! I’m here! F***ing hard camera is behind me,” jokes The Rock.

Kevin Hart disrespect The Rock

Seemed liked all fun and games, and for The Rock good times when he looked back on it. But, that was until Kevin Hart didn’t know his role. Sure The Rock can look back and laugh at himself, but that doesn’t mean Kevin Hart can do the same.

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Kevin Hart trick or treats his way to The Rock’s house dressed up as Rocky Maivia. All Hart wanted was some candy, but The Rock isn’t having it. “Ok, you want some Candy? Here you want the king size candy? No! You don’t get that at all. This is what you get, it’s bite size, tiny, mini like you,” says The Rock.

This wouldn’t kill Kevin Hart’s mood, as he captioned off the incident between him and The Rock. “I killed it with my Halloween costume this year…. @therock had the nerve to get an attitude with me. 😂😂😂😂😂 We are dropping a brand new trailer for Jumanji The Next Level tomorrow. Stay tuned!!!!!!”

The Rock would reply back with a tweet saying, “Of all the things my best friend @KevinHart4real can dress up as for Halloween.. He comes back from injury to stick me with this dirty, rotten, HEARTLESS LOW BLOW.”

Will you be dressed with a Rocky Maivia costume for Halloween? Or how about The Rock costume? If so, tag us @o4lonline via Instagram!


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