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Kevin Gates Talks Respect, Loyalty, New Album I’m Him

The Atlantic Records artist, Kevin Gates, appears on Nick Cannon Mornings on Power 106 to talk about his new album ‘I’m Him’, loyalty, and respect.

New album ‘I’m Him’ is Gates follow up album to his 2016 debut release ‘Isiah’. Gates recent album ‘I’m Him’ is yet another project which he carries all by himself, with no features.

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Kevin Gates

As reviewed by Evan Rytlewski for Pitchfork, Evan says it best, ” Gates has carried a full-length project by himself before, but that doesn’t make it any less remarkable hearing him do it again. Seventeen songs with no guest features should be a recipe for exhaustion, yet there’s hardly a trace of that on I’m Him.”

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The respect Kevin Gates gives, is the respect he has gained in the hip hop community. It is something that Kevin Gates exhibits through his music and in life. “I respect men, not money. And respect it just means everything to me, it’s why I give it in such abundance. Like a lot of people tell me ‘don’t call me yes sir’. But it just makes me feel good to give another man that respect, because I watch the way it affects them,” says explains Kevin. “Some people when you give them that type of respect, and they never had it, it’s intimating.”

Aside from respect it’s also that loyalty that has earned Gates that respect. but, loyalty has also not been too kind to Gates. “I wasn’t really a street cat. I played soccer, and I took material arts my whole life. but, I had my loyalty used against me, cause I was young and impressionable.”

Fast forward to now, and it was all a life lesson he was taught early on, “I guess I looked up to a lot of the people that did a lot of the wrong things with the right intentions. I just had my loyalty used against me at a young age, but I’m glad I got it out the way then.”


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