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Kenya Ware Details Tupac Shakur’s Last Days In Hospital

In an exclusive interview with The Art Of Dialogue, Kenya Ware details Tupac Shakur’s final days in the hospital.

Kenya Ware, many may not know, has a child with Daz Dillinger. Daz a member of Death Row records and the Dogg Pound. He also produced Tupac’s Ambitionz Az A Ridah song.

Fast foward to Monday September 9, 1996, Kenya and Snoop Dogg’s mother plan to board a plane to then head to the hospital. After arriving they were picked up in a limo by Kidada Jones. Kidada, Quincy Jones daughter, was at the time engaged to Tupac.

Kenya points out that the hospital was on lock down. Giving the magnitude of the threats Tupac was receiving. Security was high. Off duty cops, Suge knight’s people and others. Every door had security according to Kenya.

At this point Afeni did not allow anyone to get into the room and was real adamant about not allowing anyone into that room that Tupac was in. No one was allowed on the floor Tupac was in. This would upset many.

Kenya explains that Afeni did not who to trust therefore wouldn’t allow anyone in. Kenya respected afeni wishes but still was able to peek in the room.

Kenya ware

Also denouncing reports of Tupac talking while on the hospital bed. Kenya says Not so fast. Explains that “Tupac was on a ventilator”, recalls Kenya. At least on this Monday the 9th he wasn’t. She goes on to detailed what she saw. Stated that Tupac was swollen and one can clearly see that he had been operated.

Given the circumstances, there was still a peaceful tone. A tone set by Tupac’s mother Afeni Shakur. Afeni remained calm regardless of Tupac’s condition.

Kenya would remain with everyone until dark and would leave to the airport. Feeling everything would be ok, giving the fact how calm Afeni was. “We had hope even if it looked bad,” says Kenya.

Friday morning the 13th Of September Kenya would pack up and head back to the hospital. At this point she had heard the reports of Tupac doing better. As she is riding back on the freeway, she hears the news that Tupac had passed. To her surprise Kenya describes the news as the word thing in the world.

Kenya also goes into details of who was in the hospital that Monday the 9th. Stating that Kidada never changed clothes from the night in Vegas I’m September 7.


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