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Kendrick Well's Was Told Tupac Was Awake In The Vegas Hospital

Cam Capone News has released another clip from their interview with Kendrick Wells. In this particular clip, Kendrick Wells reveals that he was notified that Tupac was awake in the hospital before being pronounced dead.

The events leading to Tupac’s murder to the actually shooting has never made much sense. Everything from the infamous night in Vegas on September 7, 1996 and all the way to his final moments in the hospital on September 13.

Different accounts have been given for over twenty years. Not just of what happened after the Mike Tyson fight, but also the questions of what really happened or didn’t happen at the hospital.

Adding to the speculation is a new clip released by Cam Capone News, where they speak to Tupac’s close friend Kendrick Wells. Kendrick was also Tupac’s personal assistant well into the Death Row days, but eventually had a fallout with Tupac.

tupac last photo vegas 1996

The reason behind the fallout according to Kendrick is when he felt Tupac did not have his back. Kendrick felt Tupac was to rapped up into what was going with Death Row records and Suge Knight, and did not feel ‘Pac had enough control over some situations.

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Kendrick Well's Was Told Tupac Was Awake In The Vegas Hospital
Tupac Vegas shooting scene

One of those situations had Kendrick what he felt was sucker punched while everyone was “play fighting” with each other. Kendrick felt whoever hit him took it too far, and to make matters worst, no one took responsibility for it. When Kendrick approached Tupac about the incident, according to Kendrick, ‘Pac had nothing to say. From that moment on, Kendrick quit and rarely spoke to ‘Pac after.

Kendrick is told Tupac is awake

Fast forward to Tupac being shot in Vegas. Kendrick was not around but did get in contact with a former hire of his. “I called up this chick Molly. I hired her to do his laundry when I was his assistant. When I left, she started begin his business assistant,” explains Kendrick. “She gave me updates. I asked if I should go to Vegas, she told me no.”

Kendrick recalls speaking with Molly again during the week Tupac was in the Vegas hospital. The phone call conversation actually came on Tupac’s final day. “She said he woke up. And I said, what? She said yea he’s awake. Kendrick would quickly tell everyone that was in his home the update on Tupac. The good news wouldn’t last long as Kendrick explains, “We’re all hanging out then all of a sudden the news comes on and ‘Pac is dead. Like half hour after she told me he woke up.”

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What really happened with Tupac in the Vegas hospital?

Agreeing that the whole situation is rather strange, for Kendrick he thought perhaps Molly had been lying all these year. But, after hearing from others that Tupac was awake, it only added to the speculation and theories that comes with Tupac’s passing.

Tupac’s ex-girlfriend, Desiree Smith who was interviewed last year by The Art Of Dialogue, had mentioned Tupac’s health condition was getting better at the hospital.

In the interview Desiree mentions that at one point Tupac was doing better. Because of this, Tupac was to be transferred to a rehabilitation center. “Cause him being in bed for the many days and losing his lung, that he was gonna have to learn to walk, breathe.” explains Desiree.


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