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Kendrick Lesane Talks Hip Hop, Tupac, Mohammed Schools Of Atlanta

Kendrick Lesane interviewed with The Dinner Club where he spoke about how Hip Hop influenced his life. Kendrick relives the early days of Hip Hop in the Bronx. A time that helped shape the person he is today. Days in which consisted of himself Tupac and EDI’s older brother.

Nowadays Kendrick is on a new mission. A mission for a school that he represents, Mohammed Schools Of Atlanta. Kendrick Lesane is hoping to raise money that would help cover the costs of plumbing, electric and maintenance. “We have a lot of problems in this school. I took upon myself because I see the beauty in these children,” explains Kendrick.

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Kendrick speaks about what the Mohammed Schools Of Atlanta can offer. Also information for how to donate and contribute to the school.


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