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Kate Harvie Talks Surviving Traumatic Brain Injury

On episode 73, we welcome author and brand strategist Kate Harvie to discuss how she recovered from a traumatic brain injury and learned to live meaningfully.

Kate Harvie is a writer, editor, marketer, brand strategist, and she helps with development both online and offline. A graduate of law school, she is a startup founder and advocate for survivors of all kinds of trauma. Her book is called Believe It and Behave It: How to Restart, Reset, and Reframe Your Life, Harvie shares how she came back from rock bottom to find herself again.

I’m sure most of you have wondered how some of the lessons we often discuss are applied. Kate’s story is unique in that it bridges unimaginable adversity and triumph, teaching us how to move forward despite immense sorrow.

In her story, we learned about resilience, patience, humility, and presence. Kate had to learn how to accept help and allow others to care for her, overcome the need to always contribute and entertain, enjoy the small, mundane wins, and to remind herself of the bigger picture when setting long-term goals because genuine success takes time. Through her, we’re given hope in knowing that we possess the same ability to rise above.

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Topics covered on the episode with Kate Harvie:

  • Psychological tools of overcoming trauma
  • Focusing on her traumatic brain injury and the arduous journey back to health
  • Importance of developing patience, gratitude, and recognition
  • How Kate coped with feeling helpless and learned to accept help
  • Importance of integrity and character development in trauma recovery and self-esteem
  • Becoming psychologically flexible after failing
  • How social media and entertainment redirect us from focusing on important issues

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