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Kanye West: I Ain’t Apologizing Nothing… Ya’ll Dealing With Grandpa Now!

Appearing in an exclusive interview with Big Boy, Kanye West talks about his new outlook on life, rap music, the culture, religion, Jesus Is King, and why he feels he doesn’t need to apologize.

“I was lost. Got lost. Got caught up in my own ego, my own strategy, my own ideas. I tried to hold everything in my own brain, and then I had to let go, and just let God, and put it back in his hands.”

For Kanye, everything that has happened these past few years, was only the journey to this moment. “I think he had to send me through some more experiences to be able to cast a wider net, when he was ready to use,” explains Kanye.

Some of those experiences of having a nervous breakdown, going to the hospital, and being called crazy at times, only made him more relatable. “Everyone is dealing with health in some way. Me, being taken to my lowest, being called a coon by my own people. The guy who said George Bush doesn’t care about black people is a coon because I didn’t say I’m going to vote on Hillary Clinton. And, that actually made me more relatable.”

Kanye West: I Ain't Apologizing Nothing... Ya'll Dealing With Grandpa Now!

Not apologizing

Despite being widely criticized, for Kanye he has nothing to be sorry for. “I ain’t apologizing nothing. Ya’ll dealing with grandpa now. I done been too much. I’m the founder of a three billion dollar company. You think I’m finna listen to somebody online, tell me who I’m suppose to apologize for.”

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Many have said Kanye West isn’t for the “culture”. A culture that Kanye West says we don’t even have or own. Stating that the culture vultures are the owners of “our culture”. “What does it mean to do it for the culture? That’s why I do it for Christ,” says Kanye.

Jesus Is King canceled

At the time of the interview Kanye West album was slated to drop at midnight on October 25th. It has now been canceled as stated by Kanye West via a tweet.


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