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Kanye West Childhood Home Is Being Renovated In Chicago

Kanye West has bought his childhood home in Chicago, where he is planning to renovate the house from scratch.

According to reports Kanye West purchased the home for $225,000, and is planning to spend an additional $60,000 to complete the renovations.

This is the exact home West lived in Chicago’s Soth Shore neighborhood, and the home in which his mother lived in until 2004. Donda West ended up selling the home in 2004.

“Earlier this month some permits were taken out for renovating the house. They had been a plan to demolish it. So, I checked through the documents in California, it turns out that Kanye West bought the house,” said Dennis Rodkin of Crain’s Chicago Business.

As of this writing there is no telling what capacity the property will be used for. Initially West and Rhymefest had plans of turning the property into an “arts incubator”, but that was until they had a nasty fallout in 2018 which went public.

The despute was also highlighted on an episode of ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians”.

In related news Kanye West was recently confirmed as a Billionaire by Forbes. A claim in which Kanye said is not one hundred percent accurate. Ensuring the world understood that he is not just a Billionaire, but rather a multi-Billionaire, with a net worth of $3.3 billion dollars.

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