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Kanye West And Rick Ross Face-To-Face Meeting

Since his Verzuz showdown with 2 Chainz, Rick Ross had been on a media run interviewed by the likes of Billboard, The Fat Joe Show, and Hot 97’s Ebro In The Morning. During the run Rick Ross voiced his thoughts on Kanye West and hoped to meet with Yeezy.

Rick Ross had made it clear he wanted to meet up with Kanye West for a one-on-one personal conversation hoping to get clarification for West’s recent actions. “Ye just reached out. They just actually reached out for me to speak to him and I missed the call. I’m a speak to him personally. I got my own personal questions to ask homie,” Ross said during his interview on Hot 97.

West’s recent actions have received backlash all while he attempts to run for President of the United States.  During his first campaign event held at North Charleston, West claimed that Tubman never actually freed slaves but rather had them work for other White people.


The video recorded of West in North Charleston immediately went viral. Adding to his Tubman comments were various Tweets about his personal life. One particular Tweet had West accusing his wife Kim Kardashian of trying to cheat on him with Meek Mill. Coming to his defense was Kim and those who sympathized with West’s mental well being. (Also view: DL Hughley Says Kanye West Only Bashes Black People.)

“A lot of times you can catch the headlines and before you drop a homie on the head, you should just get that clarification,” Ross explained to Ebro. “Obviously me seeing what Ye doing, it don’t get my approval. But, like I said I’m responsible enough and have relationship enough with homie that when I speak to him, I hope homie give me that clarification.”

It looks like Rick Ross received that clarification from West as the two posed for a photo posted on Ross IG account. The photo was uploaded with no caption but it is clear to see the two artist met at one of West’s Yeezy warehouses. The two are seen standing in the middle of samples which could be for West’s new fashion line with the GAP.


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