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Kahri 1K Visuals For “When They See Us” Feat. Quando Rondo

Hip Hop artist and Heir Wave Music Group newly signed Kahri 1K dropped visuals for “When They See Us” featuring Quando Rondo.

The Virginia native was announced as a signed artist to Pusha-T‘s new record label which focuses on developing artist from his home state of Virginia.

In late January of 2020, Kahri 1K went on to drop his debut project on the new label. Titled “The Ghost of Pecan Acres“, consist of nine songs with only two features.

One of those features is Quando Rondo who contribute to “When They See Us”. “This that lil’ dude from out the other side rolled up in my blunt /
I swear I do this for my section ’cause I come from the slums / Swear if you play, you get slumped / Copped a new drac’ plus a pump,” raps Quando Rondo.

Kahri 1K Visuals For "When They See Us" Feat. Quando Rondo

“Don’t ask us why we ride wit’ our guns
These lil’ (brothers), they dyin’ where I’m from
And I refuse to be the next one
All the oldheads livin’ long
All the young (brothers) gone
But I’m here, I’m going strong, yeah
That’s why we ride wit’ our guns
These young (brothers), they dyin’ where I’m from,” Kahri 1K kicks off “When They See Us”.

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