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Joyner Lucas Says We Should Trade Donald Trump For Tupac

Joyner Lucas new video has everyone talking. Devil’s Work has received mix reactions, nether less its gaining the attention Lucas would probably like. The mix feelings towards the song is not surprising. Especially when any artist gets political.


What’s there not to like? We ask our artists to deliver music with substance, and when they do, we criticize? Rihanna took to Instagram and her 70 million followers to cosign Devil’s Work.

Devil’s Work appears to be Joyner’s single off his upcoming album ADHD. Joyner sports a black hoodie with the letters ADHD. Joyner Lucas mentions the likes of Selena, Aliyah, Big Pun and Biggie. As he makes his plea in church to bring back these icons and suggesting the lord takes those of Donald Trump and George Zimmerman. Part of that plea is Joyner says, trade all the real ones, remove the fakes.”

Joyner heartfelt trade talk, starts off with Tupac Shakur. Resurrecting Tupac while taking back Suge Knight. Suge Knight is currently serving a 28 Year sentence.

[bctt tweet=”Gives us Tupac back,
and take that n**** Suge,
Let the legend resurrect,
and he gon live for good,
I’d be screaming thug life in every different hood,
If you could only bring him back,
lord I wish you would
– Joyner Lucas, Devil’s Work”]

Nipsey Hussle is also mentioned on Devil’s Work.

[bctt tweet=”Wondering why the F*** you take Nipsey Hussle from us
Damn You took a true king,
a true brother from us,
This a f***ing marathon,
but they running from us,
– Joyner Lucas, Devil’s Work”]

What are you thoughts of Joyner Lucas new video Devil’s Work? Leave a comment below.


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