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Joyner Lucas Explains If “Snitch” Was Aimed At Tekashi 69

Joyner Lucas appeared on The Breakfast Club where he discussed his Snitch record and whether or not it was aimed at Tekashi 69.

Lucas would go on to release his sophomore album in Evolution after dropping his debut album ADHD 6 months prior. In that project Lucas featured a skit titled Tattle Tales followed by a record named Snitch.

Joyner Lucas Explains If "Snitch" Was Aimed At Tekashi 69

When asked by DJ Envy if Lucas decision to drop the record Snitch was because it was such a hot topic in 2020, Joyner said he would have to drop a record like that eventually despite it becoming a trend.


“Snitch record was suppose to be different, because what I was gonna do was, I was gonna create scenarios based off of different circumstances in which people ended up in that they did not necessary have any control over,” Lucas explained the original concept for Snitch. “Then it was gonna be ok what would you do in the situation.”

Sounds all too familiar? Tekashi 69’s early release from prison in 2020 led to the word snitch becoming hotter than entanglement. Although Tekashi’s album Tattle Tales dropped weeks before Lucas’s Evolution, the 32-year-old rapper says the skit Tattle Tales and the snitch record had nothing to with 6ix9ine. In fact is was because of 6ix9ine that he felt he needed to change the original concept.

“I didn’t create it based off one particular person. It is just a record that I wanted to do and just wanted to get it out the way because I knew I was gonna have to do it at some point,” Lucas said. “But, than I felt like it was starting to make me feel like people look at me like, ‘What you trying to say’.

Charlamagne Tha God who has been critical of Tekashi 69 suggested Lucas should have had the Brooklyn rapper on the song. “Even in the music video, I tried to keep him away… I could have gotten an actor that had rainbow hair and made it a tekashi thing, but the conversation is so much bigger than Tekashi,” Lucas said. “The song wasn’t about him. It was relevant.”

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Lucas also stated that if he had featured Tekashi on the record, he would had been immediately “cancelled”. Explaining that no one would have focused on the record itself but rather on him featuring Tekashi.


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