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Joyner Lucas ADHD Merch, Plus Personalized Autographed Album

After dropping his debut studio album “ADHD”, Joyner Lucas ADHD Merch is now available via his official online store.

Joyner Lucas much anticipated debut album dropped March 27th, along with the much talked about single “Will”, which was accompanied by a music video paying tribute to Will Smith. View Here.

Now fans have the opportunity to pre-order a hard copy edition of ADHD. Two bundles are available. The first is an ADHD autographed CD, plus your name in the liner notes, and an instant ADHD download. All for $50.

Joyner Lucas ADHD Merch, Plus Personalized Autographed Album

The second option is that of a vinyl edition of the album. Just as the CD version, it will be autographed, plus have your name in the liner notes, as well as an instant download of ADHD. The vinyl bundle can be yours for $79.

Aside from the CD and vinyl packages, there is plenty of Joyner Lucas ADHD merch available now. Clothing merch such as hoodies, t-shirts, beanies, and phone cases.

To purchase all the ADHD merch visit joynerlucas.com/collections.

Joyner Lucas ADHD Merch, Plus Personalized Autographed Album

“My mind racin’, I been paranoid
Overthinkin’, maybe that’s a void (Woo, woo)
Don’t cut me off like I don’t have a voice
I think I was born different, I ain’t really have a choice, yeah (Yeah)
Class in session, you a hour late (Hour late)
Don’t play with me, today is not the day (Oh yeah)
Pay attention, I am not deranged
I could tell you what I’m thinkin’, I just don’t know how to say it
Maybe I get on your nerves, I mean what I say (Oh yeah)
I been a man of my words, eon wide awake (Yeah, yeah)
Maybe a lil’ disturbed, but that’s just me
You don’t bleed the blood I bleed
I wear my heart on my sleeve, n****,” Joyner Lucas verse on ADHD.


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