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Jonathan Berman Talks COVID-19 Vaccine, Conspiracy Theories

On episode 81, we welcome Professor Jonathan Berman a Renal Physiologist, science educator, and a science advocate.

Berman served as national cochair of the 2017 March for Science. His new book is called Anti-vaxxer: How to Challenge a Misinformed Movement.

Are the COVID-19 vaccines safe? What are the side effects? Can I still get COVID if others around me are vaccinated and I’m not? Dr. Berman answered these questions and more on our latest episode.

Jonathan Berman Talks COVID-19 Vaccine, Conspiracy Theories

Science communication is a significant part of the field, as it helps the rest of the world utilize its findings. Although difficult, by exploring the resistance to it and effective methods for engaging in it, we increase the likelihood of developing a healthier world.

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Topics discussed with Jonathan Berman

  • Skepticism surrounding vaccine safety and efficacy – especially given the skepticism surrounding taking the Covid-19 vaccine in the midst of a global pandemic
  • The motives of the anti-vaccine movement and the cognitive distortions underlying their beliefs
  • How and why people gravitate toward conspiracy theories, how we can begin dialogues with people who hold anti-scientific beliefs
  • How scientists err in their communications with the public, the various arguments against vaccines
  • Whether there should be hope for creating a more science-friendly world


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