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Jon Moxley 6 Month AEW Plan, Did WWE Contact After Jericho Podcast?

"I just want to live in the moment."

AEW’s wrestler Jon Moxley sat down and spoke with Chris Van Vliet in Chicago before AEW’s Dynamite episode.

Moxley who joined AEW back on May 25 of 2019 at the ‘Double or Nothing’ PPV, is enjoying the creative freedoms that WWE is so desperately lacking.

Jon Moxley no longer has to run things by producers, writers, and then finally Vince McMahon. “Everybody could just be whoever they wanna be, do whatever they wanna do. Whatever different style or presentation, or whatever it is,” says Moxley. “You don’t have to go into the office and pitch, ‘Can I do see thing I want to do?’. You can pretty much do whatever you want. It’s not like we are running around do whatever we want, but kinda. Everybody is feeling totally free.”

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When asked if there was any plans ahead for the Jon Moxley character, without spoiling any plans, Moxley feels AEW is just getting their feet wet. “Not particularity. Right now it’s still so new, and so week to week. We’re basically eight weeks in,” says Jon Moxley. “So, we kinda have to see how everything shakes out. With that being said there is a lot of long term plans, a lot of simple effective long term booking that we’re gonna stick to.”

jon moxley
Jon Moxley debut at Double or Nothing

“I just want appreciate and live in the moment of how fortunate I am. And, kinda pay that forward. Cause, you are in a bit of responsibility. I always kinda took that seriously in WWE too, you kinda feel a responsibility to people once you kinda become a guy that, now you know kids kinda, whatever word you want to use, like looking up to you. Idolizing you. You gotta think about that too.”

Any backlash from WWE after Jericho’s podcast?

After leaving the WWE and making his debut with AEW, Chris Jericho aired his interview with Jon Moxley. The interview via Jericho’s podcast ‘Talk Is Jericho‘, was actually recorded before Moxley’s debut. “I was really like jumpy, because I was still in hiding, That was before Double or Nothing. That was a couple days before we did that show,” explained Jon Moxley.

During the interview Moxely did not hold back when speaking about WWE. Moxley spoke about the creative process and how the WWE was destroying the Dean Ambrose character.

Chris Van Vliet asked Jon Moxley if anyone from WWE contacted him about the interview. “No, I expected that. I expected to be way worst,” said Moxley. “I just felt like I did everything right on the way out. Gave my body to that company, I did everything right. I was a model employee for them, but also I had to eat a lot of s***. I think it was more than fair to at least tell my side of the story. So, at least we can start fresh, which we did at Double or Nothing.”


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