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Jon B Tupac Dedication During Are U Still Down Performance

R&B star Jon B appeared on BET Her where he reminisced on working with Tupac before performing their hit, ‘Are U Still Down’.

Produced by Johnny J, ‘Are U Still Down’ was a collaboration between Californian R&B singer Jon B and Tupac. The studio session took place in August 1996, two weeks prior to Tupac’s untimely death in Las Vegas.

Tupac’s mother, Afeni, told Jon that her son never played her his music to protect her from anything offensive. But with ‘Are U Still Down’ ‘Pac couldn’t wait to play it to her. Afeni loved the song. So much so, she named the first album after her sons’ death, ‘R U Still Down? (Remember Me).

Are U Still Down Jon B featuring Tupac
Jon B Are U Still Down

Performing his hits live to the studio audience of BET Her, Jon B lead up to the song ‘Are U Still Down’ with a dedication to Tupac. He starts off by telling how sincerely appreciative he is to have worked with Tupac in the physical form. Not taking away from artists who’ve worked on ‘Pac’s music posthumously, Jon B describes it as a blessing.

Speaking passionately about working with Tupac on ‘Are U Still Down’, Jon said “he blessed me in the studio. He came to the studio session he was there in the physical form. There’s nothing like working with the real person. A lot of people got to work with his voice after he passed on and that’s a beautiful thing too, the essence of ‘Pac. But I knew the man I got to shake his hand, you know what I mean. Look him in the eye and say what you wanna write about man.”

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20 Years On & Are U Still Down A Fan Favorite

Twenty plus years later, Jon B is still performing this crowd favorite. Just before he performs the song, he thanks Tupac and Afeni for blessing him. He added “I want to think that my man is smiling down from the heavens right now along with Afeni, his mother. Rest in peace to the Shakur family. Thank you for blessing me the way that you have in my life. Because it’s a gift that keeps giving every year. And we’re going on twenty-something years doing this, Are U Still Down.”

Tongue Kissing

Tupac would record his own solo version similiar to the ‘R U Still Down’ song that he was on with Jon B. The song titled ‘Tongue Kissing’ was never released officially and was produced heavily by Tupac himself.


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