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Jon B On Working With Tupac, Influence On Nipsey Hussle

Legendary R&B singer Jon B called Tupac a precursor to revolutionary artists like Nipsey Hussle in a recent interview.

Dropping in at the Power 106 studios to talk about his latest single titled, Priceless, Jon B also touched on working with the late Tupac Shakur.

Jon and Tupac would collaborate on the song ‘Are U Still Down’. Produced by Johnny J, the studio session took place on August 1996, two weeks prior to Tupac’s untimely death in Las Vegas.

Tupac Shakur (Photo by Chi Modu)

Previously, Jon B, real name Jonathan David Buck, revealed a conversation that he had with Tupac’s mother, Afeni Shakur. Afeni told Jon of the excitement from her son to play the timeless collaboration. Pleasantly surprised, Afeni named the first album after her sons’ death, ‘R U Still Down? (Remember Me).

Talking with host DJ Carisma, the Californian singer speaks highly of Tupac, crediting him for setting the tone for artists like Nipsey Hussle. “Being a sort of revolutionary character, being caught in the whirlwind of being the revolutionary, political character that he started to be. And then also the artist that he was, the actor, the emcee, and the songwriter.”

Jon B Are U Still Down
Jon B Are U Still Down

Jon also talks about seeing the softer side of Tupac in the studio, pouring his emotions out on record.
“I was really blessed to get to know the Tupac that was the artist and the softer side of Tupac that wanted to go with his feelings a little bit. Get in your feelings for this song and just let it happen. I don’t really hear a lot of Tupac songs where he let his guard down like that. Just once in a while.”

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Recognizing the significance of ‘Are U Still Down’, Jon B explains that he will always ride for ‘Pac’s energy. Jon appreciated the love that ‘Pac gave him, treating him like his own brother. He uses it as an example of what a fine person Tupac was.


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