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Jon B Has The Internet Going Crazy With Video About Beyoncé!

R&B singer and record producer, Jon B has received serious backlash after a resurfaced video courtesy of 247HH has him speaking about a 16-year old Beyoncé.

Early in his career Jon B used his talent in writing to help create songs for Michael Jackson, Toni Braxton, Spice Girls, and others. Later in the mid-nineties, Jon B made a name for himself earning a Grammy nomination with hit single ‘Someone to Love’. He also would end up working with Hip Hop icon Tupac Shakur on the song ‘R U Still Down’.

In the video, Jon B made some viewers feel uncomfortable as they watched him speak about a 16-year old Beyonce. “My first major tour was with Destiny’s Child as the opening act for me and Jagged Edge as the opening act,” said Jon. “So, we’re all labelmates and we’re all going to the radio stations to promote our records together all as a unit. I love that, because we don’t do that anymore. You think about it, it was Beyonce in the beginning of her career. So, I was looking at a little 16, 17-year-old Beyoncé just like [wide-eyed and mouth open],” explained Jon B as he laughed.

Jon B's Comments About Beyoncé Has The Internet Going Crazy!

Jon B was finished he would then insinuating that perhaps something went down with him and Beyoncé . “I’m sorry but…’cause I’m a grown man at the time, it’s kinda wrong, but you know. You already know,” said Jon B as he finer-pointed to the camera.

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Jon also added that if it was up to him, he would open up for Beyoncé again. “Back then it was ‘Bills, Bills, Bills’ and all these records. And, just watching them do their thing then come off the stage and be like ‘Yay, that was really good. Kill it Jon!’ Beyoncé telling me to kill it. That’d be huge now. If I could open up for Beyoncé now. Switch it around. It’s definitely something fun to look back at.”


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