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JoJo Talks Creating How Do U Want It With Tupac Shakur

Jojo, former member of Jodeci, and K-Ci and Jojo, spoke with Cece and Romeo of the KDAY morning show. JoJo who is now pursing a solo career, reflects on the time he worked with Tupac on the hit “How Do U Want It”.

After years of singing in a group, and being nominated multiple times for various awards, JoJo solo career is finally coming to life. Creating a new label with his wife called JT Entertainment, which will feature his daughters who sing and his nephews who rap, JoJo will lead the way with his own solo project.

JoJo Talks Creating How Do U Want It With Tupac Shakur
Tupac, K-Ci and JoJo on set of How Do U Want It

One of JoJo’s biggest career moment was recording the hit single with Hip Hop‘s icon Tupac Shakur. When speaking about how it all came about, JoJo shares a funny story about Tupac attempting to sing the hook.


“We was at Death Row, it was shortly after Pac had got out,” explains JoJo. So we get there, and Johnny J puts this track up, and the funny part about that was Tupac he had started doing how do u want it, how do u feel.”

K-Ci & JoJo walked into the studio to hear Tupac trying to sing the hook for “How Do U Want It”, “How do u want, how do u feel, I need ya’ll to come in on that part if ya’ll can,” said Tupac.

“I looked at K-Ci, K-Ci looked at me, and K-Ci shrugged his arms. And, I was like I’m not gon do it that way. Now we can do it like, How do you want it? How do you feel? Comin’ up as a ni–a in the cash game, I’m livin’ in the fast lane, I’m for real.”

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How Do U Want It would become a huge success, as it was featured on Tupac’s debut album on Death Row records titled “All Eyez On Me”.

The single would go on to become 2x certified platinum, and reached the Billboard charts at number one under three different categories.


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